Useful Lighting Ideas For Living Room From Ikea

Discover the wide range of lighting ideas from Ikea. It gives new breath to your life. Life is enjoyable and stress-free when your home looks awesome. Ikea has floor lamps to large ceiling pendants. one should get lamps at reasonable prices. visit once or search the online store for your choice. you can return your product If you don’t like or not satisfied.

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Hanging Light

Whether your living room is large or small a hanging light should be a must. The hanging light spread light to every corner. Perfect for spending quality time with our family or guests.

Floor Lamps

Give a classy look to your living room with a standing floor lamp. Are you a night reader then these lamps are the good solution. No need to drill just plug in and enjoy the day. It gives beautiful look to your corner.

Smart Lighting

Now a days everything is operating by remotes or smart apps. When you are in a lazy mood, without having to get up from the couch. Just turn on the light using Ikea home smart app or with a remote. You can use Ikea’s dim, brighten, warm or cool connected led bulbs. It creates a soothing atmosphere to your family and to your guests.


DIRIGERA is Ikea’s new home smart app.After launching Dirigera , a new network for smart products, will enable and give rich experience of its design. It looks very simple and enhance everyday moments in the home.

In day to day life so many people are using different applications or apps for their needs. The old Ikea gate way is discontinued and thus stopped being sold. It was really a good system. For those who are more interest in smart home than just turning the lights on and off, this Dirigera is very helpful.

How to use

The Dirigera hub itself has a much nicer finish to it. The home kit code is given on the back. First we had to connect the controllers to the gate way. By using Ikea home smart app add the lamps and controllers in any order. We get an instructional video, when the lamp starts flashing we just tap to next. Whether we want to control one lamp or all lamps. That we can easily put them in any room we want.

The new Dirigera hub allows to add wide range of smart products, such as sound, lighting, air purifier and blinds to their smart home.Ikea put big effort on this Dirigera and new Ikea home smart app . It’s the heart of a new smart home experience from Ikea. They together make it possible to merge digital solutions with life at home in a simple and accessible way.

Dirigera and the Ikea home smart app will be updated regularly with new features. The new Ikea home smart app is available for download and Dirigera sales started from October. Already bought smart products from Ikea home smart range can be connected to and will work equally well with the new Dirigera hub.

The only cons I observe is that the price is little bit high [$58.86] , [59.99€].

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