Trendy Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper can add taste to your food. These shakers can give traditional look on dining. Along with your beautiful crocery salt and pepper shakers can also give addition look to your kitchen and dining. For more information Click Here

salt and pepper shaker
salt and pepper shaker

1.Mason Jar Set:

Spice up your Dining with these pretty yet awesome functional and cute looking salt and pepper shakers. They are designed with silicone lid which is clean,simple and looks classsic. Grab this beautiful look mason jars shaker to your dining table.

salt and pepper shaker
mason jar shape salt and pepper shaker

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2.Mushroom Shaker:

Ceramic Mushroom Shakers can give unique look to your kitchen. The unique design make your dining more attractive. This shaker comes with wooden tray and mushroom shape salt and pepper set.

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3.Anti Slip Salt & Pepper Shaker:

This shakier is perfect to keep on your dining table for daily use. It is made of a very attractive ceramic material with anti slip base. Easy to open and close. Stain resistant, easy to clean and refill.

4.Seasoning Glass Jar set:

Made of a tough lead free glass. Spices are visible from out side. Smooth to handle and easy to clean. It has air tight lid made of steel. Easy grip for holding , This set can give pretty look to your kitchen.

5.Trendy Salt and Pepper Shakers:

This Egg shape salt and pepper shakers made of a superior toughened glass. It gives classy and decent look to your kitchen. Easy to clean and refill.

Each onion shape shaker has different hole patterns for dispensing of salt or pepper. These are hand made storage jar for every day use. These shakers can give traditional home style look to your dining.

6.Stainless Steel Shaker:

Rado salt and pepper shaker is made of a high quality stainless steel. this shaker can give modern look to your kitchen. stylish and easy to use. it has contemporary and convinient design. It has removable stainless steel lids for quick and convinient refill.

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