Trendy Pickle Jars For Your Dining

Recollect your childhood memories of helping our grand mother make pickle. No meal is complete with out a tasty,sweet,sour,spicy and mouth watering pickle. This transparent and ceramic Pickle jars can give traditional look to your dining. Here’s some beautiful pickle jars. Take a look.

Transparent Glass Pickle Jar:

This transparent glass jars can give unique look to your kitchen and dining. One more advantage of this jar is we can distinguish the pickles easily. Each Jar has a top lid to keep your pickle fresh for long time. This jars are made of a high quality glass. It has very thick walls and give expensive look.

pickle jar

For more pickle jars:

The unique square shape of the compact jar allows you to store it conveniently on any shelf with out wasting any space. You can easily pack multiple units on a single shelf to utilise every corner. Threaded steel finish lid allows a secure closure that is resistant to leakage. The steel finish framing aroundthe lid offers a classy look.

Transparent pickle jar
square shape Transparent pickle jar
Red lid jars
Transparent glass jar with red lid

Trendy pickle Jars With Handle:

These airtight , leak proof jars allow you to store different types of pickles safely. The glass surface is easily labelled with sticker. These jars has a unique handle for easy opening and closing. The attractive lids can give unique look to your kitchen and dining.


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Ceramic Pickle Jar:

Ceramic pickle jar can give traditional look to your kitchen. A pretty combination of flowers imprint on a white background can give attractive look. This jar is best to preserve pickles that relish the taste that will remain same for ever. The high grade material doesn’t absorb outer smell and maintains your pickle original flavour. Its definitely eye catching jar.

ceramic pickle jars
pickle jars

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