5 Trendy kitchen Tools

Trendy Kitchen tools are generally used in kitchen to do our work fast. Kitchen tools not only save our time but also make our work easier. Hence we didn’t feel much stress while cooking. This Trendy design can give uniqueness to your kitchen.

Trendy kitchen Tools: Rice, Fruits, Pulses, Vegetables, Noodles Bowl Strainer:

It prevents Food from getting wasted while straining water from the bowl.This strainer has perfect size for washing fruits, Vegetables and pulses and it has small holes which quickly drain water without any grains getting caught or escaping in them.

Trendy kitchen Tools

Trendy kitchen Tools: Ginger and garlic crusher:

This crusher contains removable cover to protect our hands.It is multi-functional tool and safe to use.This crusher is small in size and light weight, easy to control. It has Sharp stainless steel grind board for easy grating. It can be used to grind and garlic, ginger. Every time I get fresh ginger or garlic by using this tool. Hence I like this tool very much.

Trendy kitchen Tools

Trendy kitchen Tools: Silicone Cooking Oil Bottle:

It is a silicone cooking oil bottle with brush. This bottle is made of a food grade material. I’m using this silicone brush for applying oil to chapatis,dosa and for grilling etc.This is healthy great kitchen tool for baking , cooking and Bbq.This brush is resistant to high temperatures up to 200°C.

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Trendy kitchen Tools: Egg Cutter:

Just put the egg on the slicer and snap the flipper. You get several slices of eggs in a moment. It Contains wires that easily slice boiled eggs. It contains Convenient mid size design with high quality wires.

This is very handy and easy to use to make delicious eggs slice in your house.

It can be folded easily to fit your Bag. Egg slicer has Sleek and stylish international design sets it apart from any competition. No effort is required for cleaning this slicer. For that reason I’m using this slicer. It also saves our time and give fantastic results in minutes. Therefore you can also use this slicer while travelling.

Trendy kitchen Tools

Silicone Scrubber:

Why I choose only silicone scrubber?

  • Silicone scrubber is BPA free, anti- bacterial and resistant to heat.
  • It has soft flexible bristles which doesn’t scratch the utensils and our hand.
  • Another good feature is speedy natural drying mechanism.
  • Silicone scrubber is easily sterilized in boiling water,microwave/dishwasher.
  • This scrubber can reach corners of glasses or cups etc.
  • This multipurpose scrub is suitable for cleaning fruits and veggies, as a dish washing scrub & also be used as a heat pad.

This is food grade silicone scrubber and available in different colors and in different shapes. According to our choice, we can select this scrubber. This multipurpose scrubber is suitable to clean fruits and veggies, washing utensils,as a heat pad, clean the wash basin, kitchen tiles etc. The good quality of this scrubber is it can dry quickly that why no chance for bacteria.This scrubber is made of a food grade silicone and resistance to heat that’s the reason for easy sterilization.I like this product very much as its a best kitchen tool during monsoon season. Hence we dry and maintain this scrubber very easily.

100% pure Silicone Washing Brush, soft, tear resistance, and feels good on our hands. Due to its soft texure it easily reach Corners of Glasses and Cups. Hence It’s easy for you to take it any where with the super tiny dimensions.

kitchen tools
Trendy silicone scrubber

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