Spice Jar Collection

Spice Jar Collection: Upgrade your kitchen accessories picking one of the best spice storage rack. An organised way to store condiments and spices, it will fetch you compliments when neatly arranged in your kitchen or on the table. Featuring a wide range of durable pieces and sets, everyone is sure to love them. Spice jars are made of a Glass, Ceramic ,Steel, Wood / Plastic material.For More Spice Jars.


Set of 12 Glass Spice Jar Canisters 

All the factors that will affect the freshness of your spices, air is arguably the most damaging. You will want to avoid using containers that let your spices come into contact with moving air.

Glass jars are a great option since it is non-porous, which means that your spices will be protected as long as the lid fits tightly. These glass jars come with cork stopper.

Glass jars can be used for a number of kitchen items like flour, grams, cloves, pulses, whole grains. Pantry foods like salt, sugar, spices, pickle, baking ingredients, nuts and dry fruits can be conveniently stored in these glass jars. Not only is it easy to access these items, you can quickly organize and beautify your pantry space and cabinet interiors.


Spice Jar Collection: Multipurpose 12 Spice Storage Rack:

Elegant and Strong and durable for longevity.Premium spice jars with a removable tray, it’s easy to clean by handwashing, easy for storage and anti-corrosive. Seasoning tray is compact and easy to carry.

Can be used as Pickle Storage jars & Spice Storage Containers for Dining Table & Kitchen.


16 in 1 Revolving Spice Storage Rack:

All in one multipurpose Spice Storage Rack to enhance your cooking and kitchen experience. If you wish to add an ergonomic and utilitarian condiment cum Spice storage Rack to your kitchen that can be put to multiple use.

Utility with a capacity of ample space and optimal area, this storage Spice Storage Rack is designed for the purpose of store and make ready all types of spices and other frequently used ingredients in kitchen as well as on dining tables to utilize it regular basis with utmost convenience. It has a compact design with an easy mechanism which will help you operate this comfortably. Also its rotating features make it more smart according to your choice

Stronger and lighter design, revolving spice storage rack to store spices, seasoning, herbs, mouth fresheners, easy to pick, use and refill, comes with added utility to holder from the top of the rack

Easy rotation, food grade plastic, easy storage and easy access.


Rotating Spices Multi Color Ceramic Bottles and Steel Ring Rack,Wheel Spice Server:

Storage Spice jar is made of high quality crystal clear material, keep your spice or sugar fresh and odor-free, and prevent dust.

The 6 bottles are made of ceramic and air tight wooden lid Contents: 6 Spice Bottles and One revolving Ferris Wheel

Upgrade your kitchen with this outstanding mason jar  durable, attractive and functional, these are great salt and pepper shakers

Great for display at parties and functions to display your tableware décor skills. Specially Designed Revolving Base For Easy Of Use.


Spice Jar Collection: Sheesham Wooden Table Top Spice Box:

Wooden Spice Box – wooden spice box Made of wood.This spice box has 9 compartments to hold your spices and comes with a wooden spoon. So no more searching around the kitchen for spices

Alternatively you can also use this box to store tea bags or small packets of coffee. Its beautiful carved design makes it a wonderful gift for friends, newlyweds, or housewarming parties. An essential set for any kitchen.

Spice Jar Collection: Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Tins Set Round Storage Containers:

100 percent food grade, Stainless Steel and dishwasher-safe. 9 jars in spice storage rack to store spices, seasoning, herbs, mouth freshener, etc. Easy to pick, use and refill

Rotate The lid can regulate hole sizes and hermetic closure. These handy storage jars have a magnetic backing, so they will attach to any flat metal surface, including most appliance and refrigerator doors.


Glass Spice Storage Rack with Stand:

Standard Sized Glass Jar with SS Lid, Perfect for Modern Kitchens or any Dinning Table

Chrome Finish Wire Rack. View Contents Easily Through Clear Glass. Airtight Seals Keep Contents Fresh. Sprinkle or Pour Spices

A Simple Twist on a Popular Style. Decorative jars with proper sealing and content visibility.Easy to Hold and Pass the Jar While Enjoying the Dining.


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