Spice Box Organization

In India most of us keep the regular spices handy in the spice box which looks like this. spice box organization is an art by using this method your kitchen counter top is neat and you can also save time while cooking.

Spice Box:

It has one big container with 7 small containers and one spoon.
I can use 2 spoons .I use one separate¬† spoon for turmeric.I don’t want to mix turmeric with other ingredients. I can use two spice boxes .In one box I kept powder items and another box contains dry items.

Let us have a look on how I organize spices.
This is my stainless steel box .The quality of the steel is pretty good.It is strong enough to store spices.

TIP 1:

I kept kitchen towel as a liner in box it can absorb extra moisture and your box remain clean for a long time.

In this box I kept powder items like chilli powder,turmeric powder,dhaniya powder,cooking soda,zeera methi powder,sambar powder etc
Instead of cooking soda we can also kept salt as per your convenient you can organize your spice box.

TIP 2:

After every use you can clean the outer part of the box with wet cloth that remain clean and looks shiny for long time.
This is an attractive red color spice box.

This box is made of 100% food grade plastic.Quality is very nice and you can store more than 100 gms in each container.In this box I kept dry spices like pepper,elaichi,clove,methi,red chilli etc

I already broke this red chilli in to two pieces.I directly use this chillies during tampering.
I mix chana and urad dal this also directly use in tampering.
By organizing like this Your cooking may be fast and it also save your time. If you don’t have such an organizer no problem .

This is a waste chocolate box use this box as spice organizer.I kept 5 small katories in it. Now the spice box is ready to use.

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