Replace Kitchen Sponge With Silicone Scrubber

Silicone Scrubber:

Now a days I am using silicone scrubber to replace my old kitchen sponges.. Especially in monsoon season, Kitchen sponges are absolutely disgusting. This is because of the foul smell while cleaning the utensils. Sometimes, Fungus or Bacteria may also appear on the sponges and it may show bad impact on our health. 

Why I choose only silicone scrubber?

  • Silicone scrubber is BPA free, anti- bacterial and resistant to heat
  • It has soft flexible bristles which doesn’t scratch the utensils and our hand
  • Another good feature is speedy natural drying mechanism
  • Silicone scrubber is easily sterilized in boiling water,microwave/dishwasher
  • This scrubber can reach corners of glasses or cups etc
  • This multipurpose scrub is suitable for cleaning fruits and veggies, as a dish washing scrub & also be used as a heat pad

Different Types Of silicone Scrubbers

Silicone Scrub:

This is food grade silicone scrubber and available in different colors and in different shapes. According to our choice, we can select this scrubber. This multipurpose scrubber is suitable to clean fruits and veggies, washing utensils,as a heat pad, clean the wash basin, kitchen tiles etc. The good quality of this scrubber is it can dry quickly that why no chance for bacteria.This scrubber is made of a food grade silicone and resistance to heat that’s the reason for easy sterilization.I like this product very much as its a best kitchen tool during monsoon season.

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Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves:

This is 2 in 1 design gloves which is combination of both scrubber and rubber gloves. This product is more durable than old rubber gloves and scrub. The good thing is whether your hands are big / small you can wear it. These gloves are microwave safe, made up with a food grade material, work extremely better than the ordinary scrub and clean dirt away from plates, cups, ceramic jars, cutlery, sink, tables and cabinets etc. These gloves, coated with antimicrobial properties, resist building bacteria. Because these gloves are easy to clean and dry, We don’t need to touch oily, dirty surface

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