Must Have Mixing Bowl In Every Kitchen

Mixing bowls are deep bowl that is well suitable for mixing ingredients. Bowls are come in many materials such as stainless steel , ceramic , glass and plastic. Mixing bowls are generally used in baking , to store batter and mixing salads. Every kitchen need several mixing bowls in different sizes. Here’s some beautiful mixing bowls . Take a look

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Stainless steel bowls with lid:

Made of a high quality stainless steel and BPA free silicone. The mixing bowls are rust resistant and comes with anti skid bottom. It has air tight sealing lids which is bpa free. These bowls are freezer, Dish washer and refridgerator safe. Best part of this bowls are stackable and it doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen.

steel mixing bowl
Aanti skid bowl

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Anti skid mixing bowls :

Made of stainless steel, easy to clean and durable. They are stackable and in different sizes. Ideal for mixing salads, dough and batter. Sturdy and easy to clean. It has silicone base that firmly grips the counter top and prevents from skidding.

steel mixing bowl
anti skid bowl

Glass mixing bowls:

Made of high quality borosilicate glass. Micro oven, freezer, fridge and dish washer safe. It doesn’t leech chemicals in to food even on repeated usage. Made of a non porous glass will not absorb odour / stains.

glass bowl
glass mixing bowl

Silicone mixing bowls:

This Folding bowl is made of a food grade silicone. Bowls are stable and firm but flexible enough to pour ingredients easily. Easily foldable when not in use.

Plastic mixing bowls:

These bowls are available in attractive colors. stackable, bpa free , dish washer and freezer safe. Multipurpose bowls areuseful for baking, mixing and serving. The space saving design makes the bowls convenient for storing. Bowls are great for whisking eggs, cake batter and dough.

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