4 Tier kitchen storage Organizer

Solve your storage problems with this kitchen storage organizer. Fast slide movement with the rolling castors helps to keep everything organized. This 4 tier kitchen storage organizer with high quality plastic shelves is super suitable for any corner and create space for storage. Hence it is a space saving storage organizer.

Make use of every narrow strip of space at the house with this 4 tier multipurpose wheel rack. The 4 layers design rack helps to store things according to preferences, in fact you can use lesser than 4 tiers if you want. Hence you can use it as 2 tier or 3 tier also. Hence it fit perfectly in any space.

Can be easily assembled in around 5 minutes by sliding parts into one another. No need to use any tools. Can be un assembled and stored conveniently when not in use. Hence these are stackable organizer.

Perfect organizer for those extra items in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room ,garage, living room and bedroom. Hence It helps to keep everything organized in a relaxed way.


kitchen storage shelf

KITCHEN STORAGE ORGANIZER : This 4-Tier shelf can be smartly organized in the kitchen with often used items with in easy reach.

BATHROOM STORAGE ORGANIZER: This shelves can be used in the washroom as toiletry holder or next to the washing machine and in the bedroom. With this 4 tier design you can store your  bottles, shampoos, body wash and shaving cream.

LIVING ROOM ORGANIZER: Avoid the mess and organize your living room with this plastic 4 layered rack.

This kitchen storage shelf  slides easily in and out on smooth gliding castors also ideal for utility rooms and bathroom baby Rooms. This Rack can hold up to 20kg.

This rack measures 55 cm in length, 12 cm in breadth and 102 cm in height. Fast slide movement with the rolling castors helps to keep everything organized in a relaxed way.

The 4 tier organizer can be easily moved with the help of the wheels without the need to lift. It can be placed in a corners or in gaps.

kitchen storage shelf

It is the perfect size to slip next to every gap. Where there is a gap, you can place it in there, high temperature resistant and good durability.

4 layers  for storage to make your room tidy. Equipped with wheels, this item is easy to slide out and move in. This kitchen storage shelf slides easily in and out ideal for utility.

kitchen storage shelf
kitchen storage shelf
Finally this organizer can be useful in multiple ways.

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