Keep Your Green Veggies/Herbs Fresh For Longer

This herb saver will maxamize the shelf life of your fresh herbs/veggies for longer time. It allows you to make delicious healthy meals at home.

Different Types of Herb Storage Containers

Fresh vent containers

Fresh vent regulates the flow of oxygen and corbondioxide helping food stay fresh longer.Crisp tray helps to keep moisture away from food and promotes air circulation.For best results keep unwashed and un cut veggies/fruits/herbs in it and keep your product fresh for up to 2 weeks.For best results keep in refridgerator. Storage containers are available in different sizes.

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Extra large herb keeper is a multipurpose tool for storing herb else you can also store cutlery etc. Dimensions are 4.7″ and diameter 11″ hight.100% borosilicate glass containers and core is made of stainless steel.BPA free removable cup.

The container can be stored in your refridgerator so that herbs can lasts up to 3 weeks. Water line makes it easy visualization of water. The removal cup makes it easy access to your herbs but you Replace water every 3-4 days.

herb pod

Herb Saver Pod:

This herb saver will maxamize the shelf life of your fresh herbs. It allows you to make delicious healthy meals at home. Rinse and pat dry your herbs of choice and place them inside the herb saver pod. Add fresh water to the reservoir through the removable filler cap. Be sure that the stems are submerged in water. For best results replace with fresh water for every 3-5 days. Herbs has prolonged life up to 2 weeks. It’s a BPA free and has a transparent window for quickly identifying herbs. Hence it is 100% dishwasher safe.For best results keep in refridgerator.

CONS: Little bit small in size and Once it’s close difficult to open.

herb saver

It keeps your herbs fresh and flovorful flip and side lid provides easy access with oput damaging your herbs . Air vents help them to breathe. The fresh herb keeper cones with 3 removable dividers allowing for a variety of herbs to be stored in the same container. The refill window makes it easy to monitor the water level. Space saving easily stored in refridgerator hence It keep your herbs fresh up to 10 days.

so, you can use any of the above containers to store the herbs. Hence you can choose as per your requirement.

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