Different Types Of Oil Dispensers

Oil Dispensers are made with different materials such as plastic,steel,glass.It is best to use steel or glass dispenser rather than plastic.

Oil is a daily requirement in our food so storing oil in a right container is much essential.

Steel Oil Dispensers:

Steel oil dispensers are made with a Stainless Steel Body, Excellent Durability.Air Hole Design Smooth Oil Spout. Suitable for home or restaurant kitchen use .Oil does not leak or drip, making cooking a clean and enjoyable experience.


Oil  Dispensers
Convenient to use :

Dust Cover Protecting the seasoning from dust and insects. Besides, the cap is not very tight so you can open and use the bottle even with one hand, very convenient.

Made with durable material:

Made of food grade thicken stainless steel, completely BPA-free, the polished body makes it looks great on any kitchen countertop while ensuring great durability.

Oil  Dispensers


Oil  Dispensers

Anti-drip design to prevent oil leaks, keeping the pot clean and dry. Perfect for use in your home kitchen and in restaurants.

Easy to clean by hand or dishwasher, with a cover that can keep the bottle mouth tube away from the bacteria/dust in the air.

Glass/Borosilicate oil dispenser:

No spill oil pourer . Special spout design, pours oil accurately without wastage.


Oil  Dispensers



It’s a non-spill oil pourer made of strong thick glass. This is a transparent glass oil container so you can actually see that how much oil is ion the container. It’ll help you a lot in your kitchen.

Wide Flip Cap:

This glass oil pourer has a strong plastic made a wide flip cap with the lever mechanism. You need to press the small handle attached with the cap by your thumb and the automatically the cap will be lifted. This easy mechanism makes this product ergonomic.

Oil  Dispensers

Ergonomic handle:

This glass oil pourer has a very stylish ergonomically designed handle. It is made of hard plastic. This strong plastic handle will help you to hold this container easily and use it while cooking.

Narrow Dispenser:

This oil pourer has a narrow oil dispenser which ensures less oil wastage. You can easily pour oil into the cookware without any fear of overflow. This narrow oil dispenser is covered with a hard cap so that it never gets exposed to dust and dirt.

Borosilicate Oil Dispenser: 


Oil  Dispensers

Elegant Borosilicate Bottle having Multipurpose use of storing & organizing food such as olive oil, vinegar and other necessary food for your Dinning Table.

Material: Borosilicate Glass. Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Leak Proof, Spill Proof, Freezer Safe.

Plastic Oil Dispenser:

Made from 100% food grade virgin plastic. Free from BPA and other harmful contaminants .

Freezer and dishwasher safe .Features a unique lid with an easily accessible cap

Can be used for pouring refined oil, mustard oil or other type of liquids.


Oil  Dispensers


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