How To Clean And Store Vegetables

Vegetables are the most important part of our daily life. We get most of our minerals, vitamins and fibre from vegetables. If you clean and store vegetables properly once a week then you can save your time while cooking

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For washing you can use rock salt/baking soda/turmeric that helps to kill pesticides in a quick manner. Turmeric has anti-bacterial property to kill germs. In a bowl of clean water add required amount of rock salt/turmeric/baking soda.

Now add Tomatoes to the salt solution. Allow them to soak in water for for 10-15 min. After that transfer the tomatoes in to another bowl of clean water.

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Before cleaning the green chillies am removing the stems because it easily catches the bacteria and chillies can get spoil easily.Now soak the chillies in salt water for 10-15min,After that transfer the chillies in to another bowl of clean water.

clean vegetables

For coriander and pudina leaves cut the leaves before cleaning Then repeat the same process for all vegetables that is soak in salt water for 10-15 min and transfer it in to clean water

I can store garlic in a box which has holes for free air.

how to clean garlic



You can dry all veggies on towel avoid drying under fan because the leafy vegetables should become dry. For quick drying use another towel/napkin to absorb the water that is present on veggies.

how to clean veggies


For storing onions, tomatoes, potatoes am using corner rack. Before that I can use paper towel as a liner that can absorb extra moisture from the veggies.

By using this paper towel it is easy to clean the rack. For leafy vegetables and chillies am using dry boxes. First I will place kitchen towel as a liner in the box. Because when we place this boxes in fridge the moisture should be accumulate in the box and under the lid. This towel can absorb extra moisture and the veggies remain fresh for a long time.

Am transferring chillies, coriander, pudina, murayya, ginger in to the boxes.After transferring am again using kitchen towel on the top of the veggies this towel can absorb extra moisture present under the lid. So, our leafy veggies remain fresh for long time.

For storing lemon am using dry steel box. you can store this box in refrigerator.Now the veggies are ready to use. You can change the kitchen towel in the box when it is wet. By using this method you can store veggies fresh for more than a week. onions, tomatoes and potatoes should be placed in a open rack in a dry cool place.

how to store lemon
how to clean and store vegetables

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