Best Chopping Board For Your Kitchen

You may all know about chopping board. Chopping board is an important tool in every kitchen. Generally we use plastic chopping board rather than other material like wood, steel,ceramic and bamboo. Plastic cutting board can recovered more bacteria and also the plastic enter in to our food. That’s why you can replace now with wooden board which is good for health.

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Wooden Chopping Board with 3 built in compartment:

This kitchen chopping board is hand made, is made of 100% natural wood and is Antimicrobial, Anti bacterial and Bpa free. It has 3 built in compartments for placing garlic, diced vegetables etc, making no more mess on cutting board and no need to take separate bowls or plates. This cutting board has built in juice grooves on both sides to catch juice which is running on the counter. chopping board  can be used as cutting, chopping and carving.

cutting board
wooden chopping board

Acacia Wood Cutting Board:

This boards are made from a gorgeous Acacia hard wood. It has reversible design, easy to clean and perfect for chopping meat, fruits and vegetables.

chopping board
cutting board

Eco friendly Natural Wooden Kitchen Cutting Board:

High quality cutting board made from 100% premium wood with no added dyes which is toxin free and has natural antibacterial properties. It has stylish reversible and ultra thick design. Steel handle makes this board more attractive. Easy to carry and easy to hang on wall hooks. This board is perfect for fruits , veggies, bread and cheese.

cutting board
wood chopping board

Home Puff 2 in 1 Double Sided Cutting Board

This is double sided 2 in 1 board crafted from a natural bamboo. This board is anti bacterial, easy grip handle for carrying and storage. One side of this board has 100% bamboo wood and on other side 100% BPA free plastic. This chopping board has unique and smart design. Easy to clean. Rubberized sides prevent from slippery over smooth surfaces.

 chopping board
2 in 1 chopping board

Bottom Line: Wash with warm water and air dry . Periodically rub the chopping board with mineral oil to prolong its life.

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