Hand Painted and Garden Theme Ceramic Jars With Wooden Stand

Ceramic storage jars are traditionally used to store pickles like mango, lime and amla. This ceramic jars give traditional look to your kitchen. By using this ceramic jars the taste of the pickle increases. Ceramic storage jars are hand made and safe to use. Therefore It give uniqueness to your kitchen.

Hand Painted Ceramic Storage Jars:

Crafted of hand thrown porcelain, Lidded canister, hand painted in timeless cobalt red and white in beautiful floral pattern. It features sophisticated oriental inspiration and mixed with modern technique which makes it one of a kind decor for any home. Most importantly am using this jar because it is hand made.

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This storage jar is suitable to be placed any where at your home like bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. Decorative canister is an excellent choice for traditional and modern home setting. Therefore it give decorative look to your kitchen.

Jars can be used as chutney, pickle and spice storage containers. Canisters are hand made therefore it looks beautiful. Give Your Home A Luxurious Look With Ceramic Jar Set and ceramic tray. Fits in your space and fits on your budget. Therefore we use this jar to give luxurious look to our kitchen.

ceramic jars
ceramic jars
storage jars

Garden Theme 6 Storage Ceramic Jars With Wooden Stand:

Use this canister set and never find a reason to fall short of food storage options. A large variety of food items can be stored in these storage containers.These canisters are available in 6 pieces. Which is crafted using safe and harmless Dolomite material. So we out doubt we can use this jars. Because of its quality and appearance I like this jars very much.

Canister can stack your food and fodder in a beautiful array. It is Composed of dolomite and embossed with a European vintage print. It comes with an air tight lid which secures its content from pests and bacteria for longer duration. Hence we also use this jars in monsoon season too.

ceramic jars

Kitchen Storage Ceramic Jars:

Durable & Scratch Resistant. As a result ceramic kitchenware does not scratch .This glass jars are made of a food grade material. Therefore it is easy to maintain and easy to use.

Does not craze and is durable for everyday use. Beautiful Colors Amicus ceramic table ware brings style and color to your kitchen.This jars are stylish and trendy for your modern home. Beacause of its pattern the jar looks beautiful.

ceramic jar
ceramic storage jar

Mughal Art Hand Printed Ceramic Storage Jars:

Hand crafted jars can be used for multipurpose and can store any thing you like such as pickles, cereals, jams and small knick knacks. Jars are made of premium ceramic and have matching lids.These jars are easily washable by hand and convenient to handle andgive appealing touch to your home collection. Because of its design the jar looks beautiful.

ceramic jar

Finally this jars give traditional and stylish look to your kitchen.

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