Best Christmas Collection From Ikea

During festive season all we need is some decorative items which are unique and give beautiful look to our home.

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In Ikea I found so many decorative items which are unique and very pretty. It gives festive look to your home. The gold colour design is very very beautiful for decorative purpose. The finishing of the bowls are really amazing. So visit ikea for unique and best christmas collection.The below are the Ikea’s best decorative items .

Decorating bowl

You don’t need special occasion to use the gold coloured brass bowl. It’s so nice and durable. Fill the bowl with decorating items or use it to serve dry fruits.The bowl is made of a recyclable stainless steel.It doesn’t need special care just clean with a damp cloth.Add this ikea bowl to your home list.

Pomegranate bowl

The pomegranate shaped small gold coloured bowl with lid from Ikea.Best for snacks or jewellery . Bowl can give surprising festive look to your home.It’s nice as a table decoration.

Leaf Plate

Leaf shape plate can give unique look to your home .Gold color of this plate best for festive collection.You can serve dry fruits to your guests.

Tea Light Holder

Gold colour tea light holder can make your day special.This holder has unique design that make your home beautiful.Enjoy your Christmas with full of joy.

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