Different Type Colorful Air Tight Glass Jars Collection

Glass Jars not only look beautiful but are also safe to use. Using these airtight glass jars, your kitchen will be well organized and we also get the interest to cook. These jars are airtight, easily visible from the outside, and available in different shapes and models. These airtight glass jars keep food fresh for a long time.

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Borosilicate Glass Jars With Bamboo Lid:

Jars and Containers offer practical and convenient solutions to organize your kitchen counters. These attractive canister jars will help to keep food organized and ready for use.

The lid has a silicone rim for airtight seal. It keeps food fresh for a longer time and protects against air moisture or bugs. These jars can be useful to store dry foods, baking goods, cookies, cereals, tea leaves, and spices.

These jars are made with high quality bamboo wood lids with a silicone airtight seal and borosilicate tempered glass which offers greater temperature resistance for long lasting use and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

As these jars are transparent, it’s quick and easy to find what’s inside the jar. The bamboo wooden lid and translucent glass offer a minimalist and modern design that blends in perfectly with your appliances and kitchen decor.


Round Matka shape Airtight Glass Candy Jar pot Storage Container with Bamboo wooden Lid and Silicone Sealing Ring.

These jars are made of non-toxic resistant glass closure of excellent bamboo lid, provided with a silicone seal, ladder-shaped & sleek design with a glass surface and wide mouth which is convenient to deposit and take out as well as for cleaning.

Bamboo lid and silicone sealing ring can keep out air and create an airtight and moisture proof environment.

The bamboo lid jars are used to store cookies, candy, spice, flour, tea, nuts, cereal, etc. Easy to wipe and clean with a damp cloth.

High transparency, easy to see at a glance exactly what ingredients is in the canister.




Airtight Glass Canisters:

The stylish design makes the kitchen counter and pantry organized. This wonderful and elegant product can free up your space too.

 We easily know exactly what is kept inside a jar without opening its lid and also lets us know how much is present in the container

These jars are Ideal for storing cookies, snacks, and dry fruits because of their airtight seal packaging keeping the items fresh for a long time. These jars are handy and easy to clean. Therefore doesn’t require special maintenance.





Glass Jars With Steel Clamps:

To avoid the factors that affect the freshness of your spices, Glass is a great option as it is nonporous which means that your spices will be protected as long as the lid fits tightly. These glass jars come with an airtight clip lock lid.

Glass jars can be used in a number of kitchen items such as flour, grams, cloves, pulses and whole grains. Pantry foods like pasta, salt, sugar, spices, pickle, nuts, dried fruits and even cereal can be conveniently stored in these glass jars. Not only it is easy to access these items and but also you can quickly organize and beautify your pantry space and cabinet interiors.

Each reusable jar container is equipped with an airtight gasket that seals the aroma and flavor of your favorite herb. The clip top lid makes it, even more, safer to preserve. They have a stainless steel clip that locks the lid preventing airflow with the help of a thick rubber gasket.


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